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First Family in Fundraising

I’ve worked in not for profit development for over ten years, but it’s not every day I embody a fundraiser. More often than not, there are individuals, systems and programming script between me and donors. A leader or two of mine has emphasized reconnecting with the impact. The best among us know the power of this, but this remains a self-disciplining practice. Still nothing compares with the opportunity to reverse roles. Recently I did just that, and I didn’t do it alone. Continue reading First Family in Fundraising

A Toast to Change

Change is inevitable, swift and unending.

It’s hard and unforgiving. You asked for it—or didn’t—but its bite can be intense all the same. There have been times I’ve yearned and grappled for change yet not recognized it, and other times it’s knocked my legs out from under me and snickered away as I’ve fought to regain my footing. Professionally, when it’s been lurking awhile it can seem at some moments alluring, others daunting, until it’s upon you. Continue reading A Toast to Change